Phase 1 - Q3 2023-Q4 2023

Block Browser's vision is to be the portal to the decentralized web – a secure, private, censorship-resistant browser giving users unmatched access, tools and functionality across cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, NFTs, metaverse worlds and Web3 applications.
Phase 1 - Launch MVP Crypto Browser (Q3 2023 - Q4 2023)
Release version 1 of Block Browser for Windows and Mac
Our initial product will provide core browsing functionality and blockchain integrations for early adopters. This MVP will allow users to access web3 sites and tools directly in the browser, establishing the foundation we will build upon in later phases. Even at version 1, Block Browser will stand out from traditional browsers by seamlessly merging decentralized apps and services into the browsing experience.
Integrate leading web3 tools:
Coinstats - portfolio tracking: Users will be able to connect wallets and exchanges to monitor overall portfolio balance, gains/losses, and asset allocation from the browser.
Moralis - blockchain data and analytics: We will leverage Moralis APIs to bring relevant on-chain data like transactions, NFTs, and protocol stats directly into Block Browser views.
DefiLlama - DeFi analytics: Integration with DefiLlama will let users analyze locked values, TVLs, and other metrics for major DeFi protocols.
Dexscreener - DEX analytics: Traders will gain robust analytics on swap volumes, liquidity, pairs and other data to inform exchange trading.
Dextools - trading analytics: We will surface Dextools' charts, price feeds, arbitrage opportunities, and other trading intelligence natively in the browser.
Uniswap - decentralized exchange: Users can access automated liquidity pools through Uniswap to easily swap tokens in-browser.
OpenAI - AI assistant integration: Allow users to ask questions and input commands through an AI assistant for information discovery and task automation.
Telegram, Discord - community hubs: Our integrated chat interfaces will let users engage with Telegram, Discord and other messenger communities without leaving Block Browser.
X - social media integration: Users can access the X social feed, post content, message, and more through native browser integration.
Zerion - wallet tracking: By integrating Zerion, users get a unified view of balances and activities across connected wallets and apps.
Twitch, YouTube, Netflix - streaming services: Block Browser will provide quick access to leading streaming platforms for entertainment alongside crypto tools.
Stealth launch $BLOCK token with anti-snipe measures
We will stealth launch the $BLOCK token to engaged community members through fair, randomized mechanisms. Anti-snipe measures like screenshot protection will guarantee a secure distribution. Early adopters will gain access to core governance abilities and platform rewards.
Onboard key opinion leaders (KOLs) to build awareness of $BLOCK
Influential voices in crypto will help introduce Block Browser and $BLOCK to their large audiences. Through partnerships, promotional campaigns, and other KOL initiatives we will drive interest and adoption beyond our core community.
Enhance token information on Dexscreener and Dextools
Robust $BLOCK stats and data on leading platforms will let users analyze price charts, trading volumes, liquidity, and other tokenomics essentials. We will make $BLOCK visible and accessible to crypto traders and investors.
Pursue listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
Major listing sites will significantly expand $BLOCK’s reach and credibility. We will pursue getting listed on these platforms to boost visibility and usage of our token.
Launch BlockSwap, our own in-house DEX
Our custom DEX will create stable liquidity and trading options for $BLOCK paired against leading tokens. BlockSwap will provide low spreads, minimal slippage, and robust features for our community's needs.
Distribute Block Browser on Microsoft Store and Apple Store
Making Block Browser easily downloadable from major app stores removes friction for mainstream adoption across Windows, MacOS, and other desktop platforms. Reaching this diverse audience will drive user growth.
This initial phase will establish Block Browser as the premier blockchain browser, demonstrate its unique value to users, and grow a thriving community around $BLOCK.